So I live in this sustainable hippie/yuppie area of Big Island called Puna. The people here are affectionately referred to as Punatics. As a dreaded, bearded hippie-ster (original term there) I am loving living on this land and connecting with the local culture.
My residence lies within a community of earth committed karma yogis performing a dance we call Gaia Yoga ( Here, I live, work, and raise my baby contentedly if not in a state of total fulfillment. It has dawned on me however that my life work resides back in the contemporary civilization as an agent of change. Specifically through my performance poetry and art. I must follow my totem, the crow. Always, the mother has news to carry to her people.

A poem on this.

From Big Island With Love

straight outta puna.
ain’t got no kahuna to guide the way.
still, i gotta help these rascals slay,
not sit on my ass another day.
there are pleasures i crave
and light to save.
so in the spirit of the knave,
i leave this enclave.
call me depraved,
but i’ll do what i do
as i point to the spirit calling you too.

let’s dance the dance
on this whim or chance.
i tell you, i’ll work any shitty job
as the planet continue to sob.
just hold back the fears of the mob.
don’t you know, it’s gonna be alright.
use that intuition or third sight.
remember, it ain’t about the mula.
welcome bitches to the kali yuga.

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